The Workforce Innovation Through Self-Managed Supports project documents experiences in self-managed employment relationships, Australia-wide, from the perspectives of the employer (the person living with disability, their family, or both) and theirsupport workers. This project draws on the experiences of 25 people living with disability and their families who have been self-managing their NDIS or state-based funding packages for some time, and 15 of their support workers. The goal is to identify and share the key factors for success or difficulty in these arrangements.

On this page you will find the project research report. The report represents a browsable body-of-knowledge on how self-managed support arrangements can include ‘innovative’ workforce solutions. It identifies key themes arising out of the interviews and the characteristics of these employment relationships. It covers practical aspects of the employment relationship of the 40 participants interviewed and details 25 different arrangements.

Below you will find 3 versions of the report: the full report, a shorter version with key findings and a one page infographic summary.